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Your Trusted Provider of Mechanical Septic System Services in Sandwich, IL, and Nearby Areas

Mechanical septic systems are ideal for residential and commercial properties in Sandwich, IL, and surrounding communities. These highly efficient water treatment systems use oxygen-loving bacteria to break down waste while eliminating unpleasant odors. Making the most of your mechanical septic system starts with a consultation. At Premier Sewer & Septic Service, our team installs, repairs, and maintains mechanical septic systems for clients across northern Illinois.

How Mechanical Septic Systems Work

Mechanical septic systems, also called aerobic treatment units, use technology similar to municipal wastewater treatment plants but on a smaller scale. Most aerobic treatment units feature a three-part design.

  • First, waste travels to a pretreatment tank where it's broken down mechanically.
  • Then, it moves to the aeration chamber where oxygen supports naturally occurring bacteria.
  • Finally, the treated water undergoes further disinfection before it's pumped into the drain field.

Advantages of Mechanical Septic Systems

Mechanical septic systems are ideal for homes with challenging soil conditions that make it difficult to pass a perc test. In some cases, this technology can allow you to build a larger home on a smaller lot. They're also used in environmentally sensitive areas and places where the water table affects drainage. Additionally, these systems generate high-quality graywater that can be used for irrigation.

Brands We Service

At Premier Sewer & Septic Service, we maintain mechanical septic systems from leading residential and commercial brands.

We also work on these brands:

  • Jet
  • Multi-Flow
  • Norweco
  • Sybr-Aer

Benefit from Our Services

Count on our team for any of these services we perform on mechanical septic systems:


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For help in maintaining your mechanical septic system or ATU, contact Premier Sewer & Septic Service. We've been providing friendly, knowledgeable service to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Sandwich, IL, and the nearby areas we serve. Call us or fill out the form for an appointment.